Making good photographies is trying to be

as creativ as Peter Lindberg
as perfect as Hans Hansen 
as malicius as Tomi Ungerer
as direct as Roman Cieslewicz
as brainwavely as Chico Leidmann
as unusual as Herlinde Koelbl
as diligence as Andreas Feininger
as surrealistic as Man Ray
as absurd as Holger Matthies
as famous as Andy Warhol
as unbelievable as Gunter Rambow
as avantgardistic as Jean Paul Goude
as infaillible as Hans Hansen
as artificial as Gian Paulo Barbieri
as exceptionel as Prof. Gundlach
as clear as Stefan Moses
as crazy as William Wegmann
as devine as Bettina Rheims
as tasteless as Daniel und Geo Fuchs
as exterristical as Helmut Newton
as genious as Gerhard Vormwald
as sensual as Dieter Blum
as convinced as Roy Stewart
as susseccful as Conny Winter
as emotional as Reinhart Wolf
as relentless as Hypgnosis
as primary as Nomi Baumgartl
as representative as Hilmar Pabel
as simple as Hubertus Hamm
as individuall as Uwe Lösch
as blackminded as Hansruedi Giger
as multitalented as Dittmar Henneka
as sensitive as Gottfried Helnwein
and that is never enough!